it is important to realize,

that this is real life.

words to uplift, inspire, and inform

Our Start

a wanderer’s rambles began when time spent reflecting on life stimulated action. it brought realization of the importance of community and wisdom. It brought the flow of knowledge from those who have walked to those who are walking now in hopes to leave a generation greater that which has gone before.


a passion project started by Rachel when realizing the little affirmation and encouragement one receives in today’s world.

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latest posts.

  • distance.
    I realize it's been a while. I won't lie-it's been two weeks since I started this blog and I started it off with the intention of posting everyday-giving y'all, but also myself, encouragement each day to remind us of how much beauty there is in life. But I was unintentionally glossing over the bad-and for … Read more
  • solitude.
    Something I have recently come to appreciate is the beauty of solitude. The other day, I swallowed my pride and drove myself to my local Goodwill to go thrifting by myself. Basic, I know, but it's something I truly enjoy doing. And unable to find someone to go with me so short notice, I embarked … Read more
  • charcoal.
    Things get messy sometimes, it's the reality of life. But how you choose to utilize that mess makes the difference between dying and thriving. Recently I've embarked on the journey of charcoal drawings in art. It's personally one of my favorite mediums to work with because of it's incredibly unique nature. It takes me back … Read more
  • welcome!
    Hi! I am so so honored that you have taken time from your busy schedules to visit my incredibly amateur blog. Seriously, emphasis on amateur. My senior year of high school, I have found myself having rare days on which I have little to no work to do and it has given me time to … Read more